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 Our People

We have taken the time and care to build a talented and dedicated team, and to cultivate a culture based on genuinely held values.

Our brand represents the collective talent and commitment of a large and diverse group of people across an extensive range of disciplines.

Our related companies provide us with the ability to draw upon a pool of talented employees. This gives us the capacity to deliver large-scale projects that demand big project teams and a depth of experience, expertise and skill.

We employ some of the best people in the industry, giving us an extensive range of capabilities.

Our Board

Harry Xydas

Founder and Chairman

Since founding the company in 1989, Harry has been a driving force in our growth and success. In addition to his role at DORIC he has made significant contributions to the broader business community through leadership positions with a number of distinguished and high profile organisations.

These include Director of the International Board of the Chief Executive Organisation, Chair of the World Presidents’ Organisation for Western Australia, and President of the Australian Institute of Building.


Demetra Xydas

Non-Executive Director

Demetra is an accomplished leader and experienced Company Director with more than 15 years’ experience in the construction and property development industries. She is involved with community organisations, holding a directorship with Leadership WA and qualifications in education, people development and leadership management.


Demetra’s experience, skills and knowledge enable her to provide strategic insight into a variety of organisations and to build consensus within the boardroom. She implements risk management strategies as well as sound governance frameworks. Through adaptive and empowering leadership, Demetra harnesses the unique abilities of individuals to enable them to reach their full potential.

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