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Diesel Generator Land Based Test Facility



Contract Type:

Completion Date:

Australian Submarine Corporation

Garden Island, WA

Design and Construct

December 2014

The submarine training school centre, located at Garden Island, houses a Land Based Test Facility (LBTF) for training submarine crews using actual and simulated propulsion system equipment. The LBTF contains dedicated rooms for housing major equipment that make up the propulsion system as fitted on the submarines.

We were engaged by the Australian Submarine Corporation for the design and installation work required to relocate the existing diesel engine to the new location at the LBTF and to provide all services to the engine to enable submarine simulated diesel operation.

Although this was not a large-scale project, it was an extremely complex undertaking given the sensitivities involved and the tight tolerances to which the diesel engine had to be installed.

With an extremely complicated network of services (fuel, hydraulics, power, fire and mechanical), the testing and commissioning process was challenging.

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