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Curtin Stadium



Contract Type:

Completion Date:

Curtin University

Bently, WA

Construct Only

May 2009

The Curtin Stadium is the dominant building at the front of Curtin University’s ‘dress circle’ buildings, this sleek white metallic structure has a full-length covered walkway with a strikingly wide crescent-shaped arch as a signature piece.

With a total enclosed area of 5,653m², it houses a gym, spin room, aerobics studio, private women’s gym, offices, reception and café.

For formal occasions, it is a graduation hall which accommodates an audience of 2500, with guest seating for 1760 comprising two banks of retractable seats. A speedy conversion adapts the area to an examination hall seating 1000 students, or to a fully-equipped sports centre with courts for basketball, netball, volleyball and badminton.

External works include beach volleyball courts, landscaping, a high voltage substation, a maintenance store, compound, staff rooms and 450 parking bays.
The stadium received two Master Builders Excellence in Construction awards for Overall Best Commercial Project and Best Public Use Building in 2010.

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